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ETIQUETTE | Thank You Cards for my wedding clients

Further to my THANK YOU Note post.. I ALWAYS handwrite Thank You cards to all my bride and groom clients.
I use our SIGNATURE collection THANK YOU Cards in pink or black.


ETIQUETTE | Thank You Notes by Colin Cowie

Never underestimate the power of ‘thank you’ notes. We always stress and believe in handwritten correspondence at v:space studio.
It is SO nice opening the mail box to find something other than a bill… before I get into depth (later posts..) some words from Colin Cowie, Karen’s fave entertaining expert:

“When you receive a gift from someone, Colin says the proper protocol is to send a written thank you note within 48 hours. “[That’s] 10 points,” he says. “[A phone call is] 9 out of 10. An e-mail, 8 out of 10. A fax, 7 out of 10. The most important thing is just to acknowledge it. … It’s never too late—you can do it in two weeks’ time as long as you remember.” In fact, Colin says the first thing he does every morning is write last night’s thank you card on his personal stationery. You’ll also find Colin’s stationery at his favorite chocolatier, liquor store and florist. That way, when he sends someone a box of chocolate, a bottle of wine or a bouquet of roses, he can dictate a note on his stationery instead of a generic gift card. “I think those details are important,” he says.
– Colin Cowie, on Oprah show

Karen’s fave Colin Cowie books – CHIC & WEDDING CHIC, definite go-to books for chic + modern glam.  We are now following Colin on twitter @ColinAWCowie

We LOVE Oprah’s Holiday Favourite Things this year – handwritten special notes as gifts

OPRAH’s Favorite Things episode this past Thursday included cheap sentimental handwritten ideas – gratitude boxes! The idea is to reduce holiday spending, and give your holiday guests a chance to write handwritten sentiments on notecards to other guests!
There are even templates you can download from the OPRAH website with blank notecards that say things like: “What I love about you…”, “Thank You for…” and “My holiday wish for you…”
Check out the link here…

This has inspired us to create our own you can download from right here on our blog soon!!