FEATURED PROJECT: Brazen Hussy “Paparazzi Love Affair” 2010 S/S Lookbook

We were approached by Brazen Hussy co-owner Michele Pedro (aka Mimi) to work on their 2010 spring/summer lookbook campaign. Mimi gave us one simple direction: “I want it to be fun, unique, and to reflect Brazen Hussy’s brand and identity.”

Having worked in the fashion industry for 2 years, I knew what the “standard” recipe in creating a lookbook consisted of – seamless shots + product description + the usual “decolletage” pose. However, we knew we had to create something different. Something worth reading…something worth keeping.

Rather than just images, why not create humourous articles for each shot? Why not shoot the collection in a more lively manner (no mannequin poses please!)? Why not invite the creative team to partake in the lookbook via ‘how-to’ articles about hair, make-up and anything to do with looking your best?

The conclusion: NO TRADITIONAL LOOKBOOK PLEASE! Instead, we decided to take the approach of creating this campaign as a tabloid magazine. Complete with action shots, juicy articles, a ‘who wore it best’ section, and ‘spotted’ – a section dedicated to showcasing who’s wearing Brazen Hussy.

Needless to say, we are uber proud of how this campaign turned out. Mimi and Kiki (aka Kathleen, the amazingly talented designer behind BH) are two of our most favourite people to work with (they always keep us looking fabulous *winks*). They put together a great team for this project (LOST in the WILLDERNESS, Stephanie Flores, Bossy Girls and RT!), and everyone did an amazing job. Well done team! Our hat goes off to you. :)

Ladies, you MUST check out this collection. Our personal faves: the Tika Maxi Dress, the Kristen Hooded Jumper, and the Trina Droop Neck Jumper. *drools*. Check out the Brazen Hussy website for more information on retail locations.



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